About Us

Hi, My name is Ron Burress, a California Native with a passion for all things in the Ocean and 3 beautiful kids with two awesome grandson’s.

For me, single-minded focus on building client business is the key. In pursuit of that goal, I have been guided by three principles: First, establish, enhance and maintain client relationships based on trust. Trust is so important because it affords me the permission to take calculated risks and allows me to be more innovative and creative in responding to client challenges.

Second, maintain a stable core of superior talent for all clients. The talent crisis in my business is very real and I have taken major steps to insure the growth and stability of my talent pool for any given project.

Third (and most important), I am laser-focused on client results.

I believe it is the consistent implementation of these principles have led to client growth, referrals and satisfaction.

The Key to Creativity—and Success—Is Truth

Following these principles has allowed me to coordinate my business activities with my personal milestones.