Fall Home Improvement 2020: 5 home improvements you can make to keep pests at bay.

What might seem like one little pest sighting can be a much more extensive invasion than you realize. For starters, a single roach can lay up to 50 eggs at one time!

However, you can get a better handle on the situation with these five simple home improvements and preparation tips:

• Start outdoors: Standing water can quickly become a mosquito breeding ground. Note whether your yard has any areas where water is prone to collect. If so, you may need to aerate your lawn. Not only will this improve soil drainage, but it also has the added benefit of helping grass grow. While you are outside, take the opportunity to clear gutters of leaves and other debris and ensure drains are similarly unobstructed.

• Seal cracks: Reduce opportunities for bugs to enter your home by eliminating cracks around doorways and windows. Install door seals, apply weatherstripping and caulk gaps. This is another home improvement with multiple benefits. Beyond pest control, you’ll also be improving your home’s energy efficiency.

• Install and repair screens: Fresh air is amazing, however, not when it is accompanied by bugs. Make sure your windows and doors have screens so you can enjoy that pleasant cross-breeze without the pestilence. Inspect existing screens carefully for holes and tears and repair and replace as needed.

• Organize your kitchen. An organized kitchen will ultimately be less inviting to bugs. Assess your food storage solutions to determine whether items are properly sealed. If containers have cracks or have warped lids, it’s time to replace them. Likewise, be sure your trashcan features a securely fitting lid (newer models with sensors can free up hands and feet and simplify waste disposal). While you are at it, sweep, wipe down surfaces and start with a clean slate.

• Blast bugs: No matter what measures you take; the reality is that some bugs will still find their way inside your house. Be prepared to combat insect invasions by keeping an effective bug killer spray on hand that does not contain harsh chemicals. For example, both Zevo Ant, Roach and Fly Insect Killer Spray and Zevo Crawling Insect Killer Employ Bio Selective Technology to blast bugs. The active essential oils in these sprays target nerve receptors vital to insects, not people or pets. Easy to use, just spray on pests, then wipe up the dead bugs, as well as any excess product. Zevo is available online or in-store at Target and Home Depot’s nationwide. To order or learn more, visit zevoinsect.com.

For safer, more comfortable living spaces, prioritize home improvement projects that fight insect invasions.